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NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2055 Will Miss You materialistic cemetery
Si Yehan answered, “I am going to.”
Ye Wanwan believed rather apologetic, so she would rack her neurological permanently food items and enjoyable points to deliver whenever she traveled to him.
The more time she was aware him, the greater she disliked the potential of him to possibly disappear at any 2nd.
She accidentally decreased into Asura’s trap yet again.
She accidentally fell into Asura’s capture yet again.
Si Yehan answered, “I am going to.”
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If she couldn’t escape prior to being found out down the road, her only path out would be to get trapped by Asura.
On seeing this insufficient reaction, Ye Wanwan felt annoyed for some reason. “Whats up, I won’t arrive anymore don’t you may have something to say? In case you won’t miss me, won’t you neglect the shaobings, the strong-fried breadsticks, the steamed buns, the mantous, and also the lollipops I deliver?”
Ye Wanwan’s sight transformed piercing. Sh*t, could it be an Asura member?
Ye Wanwan was spinning in stress and was researching to attempt to emerge when the noise of footsteps was been told above her.
“I almost certainly won’t check out yet again,” Ye Wanwan mentioned.
Possibly for the reason that guy disguised his feelings too well that the hypnotized Ye Wanwan still tragically think it is one-sided enjoy in her aspect in the past.
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If she couldn’t get away prior to being found tomorrow, her only route out was to get captured by Asura.
She didn’t want to use a real genuine and variety-hearted individual.
“To hold you business. I became worried you had been fearful,” Si Yehan clarified.
The trap now was a massive hole. While she cracked the procedure and didn’t get harmed, the 4 aspects from the pit had been made out of metal and metal—too slippery on her to ascend.
Ye Wanwan desired to cry, her view switching reddish. “You really is only going to skip the shaobing, deeply-fried breadsticks, the steamed buns, the mantous, plus the lollipops?!”
Each and every time, she merely stumbled on see him and carry him anything fantastic you can eat, but he’d pay out her back so greatly everytime, genuinely triggering her to think that she was making the most of him.
This strange emotion scared Ye Wanwan fairly. Furthermore, following the increasing concentration of the beat between Martial Arts Union and Prison, her recurrent visits to Asura converted very dangerous.
Ye Wanwan’s eyeballs brightened. “Hmph! Absent me is definitely an after-imagined, right…”

She maneuvered her way through Asura with familiarity like just before, but to her delight, a catastrophe befell her this period.
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Ye Wanwan walked gone, her travel drooping. She possessed no clue that after she left, the man endured on the exact same location and stared after her for some time, number of years well before murmuring together with his neat speech, “We will meet all over again.”
A gust of force of the wind was listened to as the human being above jumped lower.
Probably as the male disguised his thoughts too well the fact that hypnotized Ye Wanwan still tragically think it is one-sided adore on her element in the past.
The more time she was aware him, the greater she disliked the opportunity of him to possibly fade away at any secondly.
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Ye Wanwan couldn’t explain those messy thoughts broiling inside of her. She dusted off her behind and withstood up. “I’ll leave now. We won’t see each other in jianghu, but we’ll fulfill again if destiny wills it.”
The snare this period was a vast opening. While she chipped the method and didn’t get seriously hurt, the four ends of the pit were crafted from stainless steel and metal—too slippery for her to ascend.
“I likely won’t check out yet again,” Ye Wanwan reported.
Not very longer after, Asura’s offensive power suddenly exploded, as well as the Martial Arts Union was attacked additional fiercely than ever before.
She didn’t wish to use a real absolutely pure and type-hearted person.
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Not very longer later, Asura’s offensive ability suddenly skyrocketed, along with the Martial Arts Union was assaulted a lot more fiercely than before.

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