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The Legend of Futian

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
Chapter 2150 – Cangyuan Continent intelligent fence
Year after year, this relic region had been through numerous rounds of plunder and analyze of struggles.
In recent times, this relic country obtained been through many rounds of plunder and evaluation of battles.
Currently, somebody chance examine Ye Futian and his awesome companions in the other side in the buildings. His piercing gaze riveted on Ye Futian much like a distinct, icy sword. Curly hair standing upright on the back of his throat, Ye Futian sensed the glare directing at him.
Ye Futian darted a disdainful look at Muyun Shu too. He acquired always despised the little gentleman and wasn’t bashful to point out his contempt. He loathed Muyun Shu regardless how capable he could be.
“I’m taken aback that individuals are pa.s.sing through this position,” said Duan Qiong, “It is often a relic continent that may be rather scarce for cultivators in the future all over. It’s made up of ruins and relics instead of a area for individuals to live in. An Awesome Emperor utilized to develop there during the far away prior. Folks the top Nine Heavens called it the Cangyuan Continent.
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Ye Futian nodded marginally. He was not inside a dash. During the Donghua Domain name, every single leading force got a teleportation fantastic matrix that had been directly affiliated with the Donghua Heavens. Yet still, it was subsequently not the case within the Shangqing Sector. In line with Duan Qiong, most of the leading factors in the Shangqing Domain name ended up situated in the Higher Nine Heavens. Therefore, teleportation grand matrixes were definitely not essential. Even though a thing severe taken place, the expert cultivators could arrive at the Shangqing Region in a short time.
Ye Futian darted a disdainful check out Muyun Shu at the same time. He acquired always despised the younger man and wasn’t timid to display his contempt. He loathed Muyun Shu irrespective of how gifted he could be.
In addition, the architectural structures sat on a substantial expanse of area. It turned out probably the place where the Great Emperor used to increase.
In recently available weeks, news reports slowly spread out in the Divine Prefecture and achieved the continents within the Higher Nine Heavens. At the same time, the discover in the Domain name Chief’s Manor requesting the presence of agents of diverse groups also journeyed around fast on the Shangqing Domain. Lots of people obtained set out for the Shangqing Region, like a great deal of powerful cultivators who have been interested in the specific situation.
Section 2150: Cangyuan Country
Through the years, this relic region got been through quite a few rounds of plunder and test of fights.
Chapter 2150: Cangyuan Country
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He made all over and observed an conceited youthful man—Muyun Shu.
At this moment, someone chance a peek at Ye Futian and his friends out of the opposite side with the structures. His piercing gaze riveted on Ye Futian much like a very sharp, icy sword. Hair standing up on the back of his the neck and throat, Ye Futian sensed the glare directing at him.
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“According on the stories, the very first ruler in the Cangyuan Region experienced hit the pinnacle of cultivation. Any individuality he etched could depict the Divine Route. If he etched ‘Heaven,’ a extend of skies that can venture mind-boggling might would materialize if he carved ‘Kill,’ unparalleled and unbeatable deadly pressure would appear. All pets would be annihilated wherever his runes landed,” explained Duan Qiong. He learned about these from the traditional books possessed from the medieval royal friends and family.
Is it that someone found an undiscovered cultivation possibility inside the relic continent?
Could it be that somebody uncovered an mysterious farming opportunity during the relic region?
They found the Cangyuan Continent eventually.
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Right after he left behind Four Side Community, Muyun Shu enjoyed a lavish living in the Nanhai family members. It was absolutely nothing like his past on the village, plus it supplied him the opportunity to see real life. Having said that, Muyun Shu could never cease to think about the humiliation Ye Futian moved upon him.
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Though descending through the atmosphere, they could vaguely see cultivators scrambling inside the Cangyuan Country in different guidelines.
Even so, every thing improved after Ye Futian found Four Nook Community. He never even dreamt that he can be expelled in the small town. Consequently, his father and everybody else in his loved ones had been banished as well. It was actually an enormous embarrassment that he or she would not neglect.
Ye Futian sensed an indistinct scent of the ancient background the moment he set ft . over the country.
They quickened their measures, marching in the motion. The power they sensed before became more robust and better. They saw that a lot of cultivators compiled surrounding the lightweight. Reportedly, many people halted at this relic country just like them. And it also looked that somebody acquired uncovered one thing.
Chapter 2150: Cangyuan Country
Ye Futian darted a disdainful have a look at Muyun Shu too. He obtained always despised the small male and wasn’t scared to demonstrate his contempt. He loathed Muyun Shu irrespective of how qualified he may be.
Ye Futian was amazed at the history. He didn’t know what sort of strength the ancient Fantastic Emperor possessed. Having said that, he grasped that this Great Emperor was certainly significantly better than any Renhuang. Donghuang the truly great Emperor was the only person inside the total Divine Prefecture who experienced reached that amount. One could nicely picture how highly effective he need to be to reign over the great Divine Prefecture.
Could it be that someone identified an undiscovered farming opportunity within the relic region?
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Certainly, Muyun Shu was a grown-up now. He had outgrown his childishness and became a menacing reputation. Although it were a long time since he survive saw Ye Futian, his hatred for him didn’t diminish even somewhat.
Over the years, this relic country got experienced countless rounds of plunder and check of battles.
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“Who is he?” A lady Renhuang near to Muyun Shu observed the immediate improvement in his concept. She became a midsection-point Renhuang coming from the Nanhai family that has a dignified posture.
Besides that, many of the heroes etched by this early on ruler still existed around the Cangyuan Region, which was why the continent was infested with invisible risks to the day. Some cultivators who got to the Cangyuan Continent to find farming prospects during the relics died inexplicably.
As they handled the internet site, a cl.u.s.ter of tumbledown early buildings came in their vision. Although houses obtained dropped into spoil, it was subsequently easy to imagine how outstanding these were in earlier times.
“You vile beast. You’re courting loss!” Muyun Shu s.h.i.+fted his frustration to Black Wind Condor. His eyes were filled with malice, and in many cases his system was giving out brilliant great lightweight. He incurred at Black Wind Condor quickly.

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